Ros Omelette By Chef Arpita

Ros Omelette


Ros Omelette is a yummy popular street food of Goa that I crave for, every now and then.
Ros simply means gravy in konkani which is very similar to Xacuti. The gravy is poured on egg omelette and served with goan pao, for breakfast mostly.
Your visit to Goa is incomplete, If you haven’t tried “Ros Omelette”. The gaado’s in goa serve super delicious ros omelette. Try this recipe i am sure you will love it.



Recipe notes:
*try to use more of chicken bone pieces while making the ros (gravy).
*pour enough ros while serving, ensure the omelette is dipped in the gravy completely.
*you can also toast the pav in butter before serving.


For recipe check my youtube channel:-






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