Hummus Recipe From Arpita Khamitkar

Hummus recipe from scratch!!

Presenting a guilt free healthy basket of veggies with hummus dip.
Hummus is a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern dip/spread made from chickpeas, it is very creamy light and fluffy . It is super duper nutritious and packed with plant based protein. Hummus is also high in fiber which feeds your good gut bacteria.

The star ingredient to make hummus is tahini paste, i have covered this recipe right from scratch (recipe of tahini paste included) and have added a tip to make the hummus creamier and fluffier. Do give it a try and enjoy hummus as a dip, with veggies, pita bread, spread on sandwich, in the burgers, salad etc; as you desire..



Recipe by :- Arpita Khamitkar from, Solapur, Maharashtra, India. For this delicious recipe have a look on youtube channel, by clicking the following link.


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