Chole Masala By Chef Arpita

Chole Masala, punabiyadi आन, बान और शान !! Any Punjabi Cuisine is just incomplete without chole masala. There are en-number of preparations of chole in north; few of them are Pindi chole, Amritsari chole, Chana masala, Punjabi chole etc etc etc.
Chole masala is so much in demand in the Indian Cuisine that you will find it in most of the Indian restaurants, dhabbas, etc. This one dish is loved and relished by many. Chole also have different names like : chickpeas, chana, channay, chholay etc.
Chole Bhature a perfect match made in heaven is a very popular street food in Indian subcontinent especially in northern India.
This recipe is special because its a traditional recipe which grew up on me as I did, as it was requested by few and luckily I could shoot this with my mother as मा के हाथ का खाना is just heaven for me. My mom is an amazing cook and have learned so much of cooking techniques and recipes from her, that has made me a wonderful cook today.



Recipe by :- Arpita Khamitkar from, Solapur, Maharashtra, India. For this delicious recipe have a look on youtube channel, by clicking the following link.
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