Appam And Veg Stew

Appam and Veg stew a perfect match made in heaven.. Eaten in any form of meal breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Appam is a rice based pancake made with rice and coconut milk in southern parts of India and Sri lanaka.



Traditionally appams are made with toddy which is a local alcoholic drink if south india. As toddy is not easily available I have replaced it with yeast.




Vegetable Stew is an kerala style aromatic curry made with mixed vegetables, coconut milk and some spices. Tastes amazing if accompanied by appam;




You can also relish the stew with bread, paratha or rice. Enjoy the recipes



Recipe by :- Arpita Khamitkar from, Solapur, Maharashtra, India. For this delicious recipe have a look on youtube channel, by clicking the following link.




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